High End Authenticated Transactions. We are a Fashion Broker which Authenticates High End and streetwear Fashion, Check out the video to find out more!

Our Process

Day 5 – The Presentation

Today is the last day which means presentation time... We are working hard to create the presentation which we have a good start with. To create the presentation we are using Adobe Premiere Pro as this is the creative suit we have access within the building. So to end...

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Our Prototype App and Website

The idea was to create a website for people to buy and sell clothing + footwear based on their style and size. Also it has to do with an authenticated process to check that the products are legit. We decided to create two logos to help the viewers understand straight...

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Our Elevated Pitch

“HEAT is a marketplace that provides a professional and personal experience for buying and selling high end and streetwear items. Our team of expert authenticators ensure that the sellers products are 100% genuine and the buyers receive exactly what they pay for.” Our...

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Todays Presentation

For our presentation, we collated both our primary and secondary research. The data that we collected will show the audience that there is a space for our business out  in the market, as it is not something that has been done before to this scale. The primary research...

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Peoples Thoughts

We asked several people what they think of the project and the overall service and app idea, the follow are thoes thoughts: “ I believe that the company will do well and many younger people could use it, I think everyone has tried hard and put their minds to it,...

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A Summary of what we are!

Our Project Manager Mariam had this to say about the Project and Service: " For our project I took on the role of the project manager. My role as the project manager is to make sure each of our tasks is completed in order to stick to our initial deadline. By using the...

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App And Service Features

There are many features that the idea is based on which we are turning into an app and Service which has been backed up by our research. These features are as follows: Authentication; All the fashion items will be sent to us by sellers are authenticated in house...

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The Research

We got into 2 types of teams; one team worked on primary research that consisted on creating a questionnaire, and then they published it online for the audiences answers to what they think. And another team worked on secondary research based on what other companies in...

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Our Moodboard

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